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Expedition photo gallery

New Silk Road 2018 expedition

Albums of photographs and graphics.

Expedition begins: May 2018
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About photo gallery and photo albums

In our gallery you will find photographs of landscapes, different cultures, from the expedition, documentary and organizational photograps and more. All photographs are from the New Silk Road 2018 expedition, its duration and organizational stages.

To simplify the viewing all photo albums are classified according to thematic themes and relevance (each album can be found in more than one category).

Discover expedition countries

"Discover expedition countries" is a special cattegory of photo albums dedicated to presentation of countries included in the expedition project (as part of mutual tourism promotion included in the expedition project goals and objectives). These are albums containing mixed images from different sources.


Photos: 30

Culture and landscapes of Belarus

Photos: 33

Kazakhstan, culture, landscapes and cities

Photos: 33

Warsaw capital of Poland

Photos: 22

Tashkent capital of Uzbekistan

Photos: 26

Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan culture and beauty

Photos: 21

Landscapes of Kyrgyzstan

Photos: 29

Culture and people of Uzbekistan

Photos: 5

Jacek Palkiewicz conference in Astana, Kazakhstan 11-2017

Photos: 5

Palkiewicz organizational meeting in Kazakh Tourism 11-2017

Photos: 5

Jacek Palkiewicz press conference in Poland 10-2017

Photos: 18

Palkiewicz first organizational visit in Kyrgyzstan 01-2017

Photos: 5

Palkiewicz first organizational visit in Kazakhstan 11-2016

Photos: 7

Palkiewicz first organizational visit in Tashkent 11-2016

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