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Poland on the expedition route

New Silk Road 2018 expedition

Poland, the expedition and the Silk Road.

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Poland, the cossing of old trade routes

In Poland, in times when the Piasts created the foundations of the country, there was a European knot of old trade routes on the East-West and North-South axis.

Throughout Polish territory the Amber Route, leading from the Baltic Sea coast, through Zulawy - the largest center for the processing of "Baltic Gold", up the Wisla river, then Warta, Prosna, the upper course of the Odra river, to the Klodzko Valley and from there to the Moravian Gate and beyond Alpine and Carpathian Passes, Italy and Greece. This route was crossed by another trade artery - a branch of the Silk Route, running from Crimea through Kyiv to Cracow, and from there to Wroclaw, Magdeburg and further to Spain.

Trading and exchanges taking place on these routes had a significant impact not only on the history of the Polish economy, but also on its development of civilization. It can also be noted that, for example, the Jantar in Gdansk has become the symbolic cornerstone of the modern opening of our country to the world.

Old European trade routes

Old European trade routes

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Polish travelers in Asia

In creation of the expedition project and expedition route we used two Polish historic figures: Michal Boym and Benedykt Polak (Benedictus Polonus read more). By the expedition we want to remind these two Polish travelers, who travelled to Asia and crossed parts of the Silk Road, with their achievements leaving significant Polish trail in history.

Amber Road as the next expedition?

There is also ongoing work on a framework project of continuation of the New Silk Road 2018 expedition. The next part of the expedition concentrates on the second route crossing with the Silk Road in Poland, the Amber Road. The expedition is planned for year 2019, and will propably start in Poland and finish in Italy.

The historic trade route that was Silk Road, enriched by culture and the exchange of ideas and knowledge, has for centuries served as a specific bridge between East and West, contributing to improving communication between nations. Of course, in those days there were political conflicts, war broke out, but exposed to political and religious confrontations, the Silk Road has always reactivated itself. This convincing example inspired me to revive the old merchant route, the road that in today's highly multicultural world - exactly as it was created by the old Silk Road - should help to strengthen mutual understanding and trust between people of different nationalities.

Jacek Palkiewicz
(Organizer and leader of the expedition)